DPL Light Therapy – Does It Live Up to The Hype in 2023?

DPL Light Therapy Introduction

The DPL Light therapy system is the most popular and talked about red light and infrared light therapy home devices in the last few years.

But why? Is the buzz justified if it is just another hype?

DPL Light Therapy

DPL Light Therapy (vs. Other Devices)

The main between DPL light therapy and other popular red light therapy devices is the ease of use and the time-saving element.

Unlike the Baby Quasar, Lightstim, and Omnilux (other popular red-light home devices) – The DPL system is not a hand-held device.

The DPL is made of 2 large panels emitting red and infrared wavelengths.

DPL Light Therapy vs Other Devices

You can set up on any table and relax while the deep penetrating red light works to rejuvenate. It will heal your skin or relieve your muscle, nerve, and joint pain.

Hand-held therapy devices, on the other hand, require that you hold them in your hand and move them from one treatment area to the other until you finish.

The DPL light therapy covers a much larger treatment area. So the treatment time is shorter (15-17 minutes, compared to 30 minutes a day for the Baby Quasar, for example).

Plus, you can always remove the stand and wrap the panels around any part of your body. You can lie on it if you have back acne scars, or strap the panels around any aching part of your body.

Those who have already done some research about the best red light therapy devices know how important these 2 factors are.

How Effective is the DPL LED Light Therapy System?

DPL Light Therapy Devices

DPL LED Light Therapy System


  • Large treatment area covers the entire face
  • Time-saving, only 15-17 treatment time
  • Can use for pain relief too


  • No multi-tasking during treatment

Although red light therapy is a great technology (for both anti-aging and pain relief). For someone, it works like a charm and changes their lives, and for others, it doesn’t bring many results.

Through my personal experience and after through my extensive research. I’ve found that the average rating for the DPL light therapy is 4+ stars – Anywhere online.

The price for the DPL hasn’t dropped at all in the last two years, which is another sign of its popularity and stable user satisfaction.

Dozens of women, who found no success with skincare creams and treatments, were delighted to see improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, reduced brown spots, more toned and plumped skin, diminished redness, blemishes, and scars.

Many others were thrilled with the deep penetrating infrared light treatment as a drug-free and effective pain relief method. Many reported canceling surgeries on their joints or back.

The Good & The Bad in DPL Light Therapy

First, it’s important to understand that the DPL light therapy has 2 kinds of wavelengths:

  • Visible red light therapy (660 nm wavelength)

Penetrates the tissues to a depth of about 8-10 nm, making it great for treating problems closer to the skin. Such as wounds, cuts, scars, infection, collagen production, and skin rejuvenation

  • Invisible infrared light therapy (880 nm wavelength)

Penetrates to a depth of about 30-40 nm, making it beneficial for bones, joints, nerves, and deep muscle problems.

The Good & The Bad in DPL Light Therapy

The Downsides of DPL Light Therapy

  1. It can take at least 3 weeks before you will notice the tighter pores, reduced wrinkles, reduced hyperpigmentation, and improved skin tone. If you’re going to give up after a week, don’t bother reaching for your wallet.
  2. To get the best out of the DPL system you’ll have to sit quite close to the LEDs, so reading a book or crafting is not possible.
  3. Make sure that you “lock” the two panels in place in their holders. (By pushing down on the panel and making sure it “clicks” in place.) Even when locked in a place they can slide off if they’re jarred, so treat the device with care.
  4. Over-treatment can dry your skin, so never overdo it.

The Upsides of DPL Light Therapy

  1. Full body coverage – You can use the DPL for your face and your entire body, without using your hands at all. By the way, you can always connect the two panels with a strap and place it right on your face while lying down. The timer will shut it off after 17 minutes.
  2. Large Treatment Area – As explained above, the 2 large panels cover a large treatment area, making treatment time shorter.
  3. The DPL device is the largest home device and it is necessary for complete coverage of the face and neck. Otherwise, you’ll spend a ton of time each day moving the smaller ones around to reach the whole face.
  4. Some users have found that using the DPL cleared their sinuses.
  5. The light will get warm after 7 minutes so be warned (but not to the extent that it will burn the skin), so having a built-in timer is a good feature.
  6. It has a very high success rate when used for pain relief.

Where to Buy the DPL Light Therapy

Where to Buy the DPL Light Therapy

I recommend that you get your DPL on Amazon, if only for their reliable return policy and excellent customer service. If you’re not satisfied with it, Amazon will let you return it and refund you, no questions asked.

Oops, almost forgot…So, does the DPL light therapy live up to the hype? In my humble opinion – The answer is…yes.

If you have any questions or comments I’d love to answer!:)


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