10 Best Household Mini Excavator Toy: Help You With Household Work

Introduction of Household Mini Excavators

Every day we need to do so much household works. Some are easy and some are hard. The hard work can be done with a household mini excavator. The heavy things are very hard to carry for anyone.

You can carry easily heavy things by an excavator to the construction area. The mini excavator is working as a professional excavator. But the difference is you being able to work in a small space.

Just imagine, you want to work with something in your house and need to do some hard work. You can do the works with a mini excavator track. Operating a mini excavator is so easy even a child can operate the excavator.

household mini excavator

There are two advantages of low weight and small size excavator.

  • Compact enough to drive constricted area
  • Light enough to do only minimal damage to the landscape


The Top 10 Household Mini Excavator Toys and Its Features

Let’s check the overall descriptions and features and find out your product from below.

1. Top Race 15 Channel Mini Excavator Tractor

Household Mini Excavator

  • Overall Description

The Top Race excavator tractor is the most realistic replica of an excavator construction tractor. The digging ARM has 3 separate motors. You can dig with its 3 powerful motors in any direction.

It comes with a heavy-duty steel shovel, sand, and transport dirt. You can move these mini excavator tracks to left, right, backward, and forward and also cab turns 680-degree rotation as well.

Household Mini Excavator

It has a powerful controller 2.4 GHz transmitter you can control this mini excavator tracks from 100 feet or more distances. It does not only look so beautiful but is also made with heavy-duty actual steel. You will have more fun with its realistic excavator lights and sounds.

  • A powerful controller 2.4 GHz transmitter
  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • Realistic light and sound
  • Can control from 100 feet distance
  • The cab turns 680° rotation


2. Big Dig Sandbox Household Mini Excavator

Household Mini Excavator

  • Overall Description

This Reeves International Big Dig Excavator is Great for the beach, backyard, or playground. It will make you feel that you are in a big constriction area. And you are working with real-life experience.

The Big Dig roll is the perfect sandbox digger with 360° swivel action. It has two-handed digging and dumping action. You can control this mini excavator very easily.

The kids can play with these mini excavator tracks all season. It does not matter it is sand, dirt, or snow. You are going to have a great experience with this excavator.

Sandbox Mini Excavator

You can dig up to 15″ Deep. But if the crane arm is fully extended you can dig 33″.

  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Sturdy Metal Construction
  • Weight Limit: 110 lbs.
  • Ages 3+


3. Bruder Mini Excavator Toy

Bruder Mini Excavator Toy

  • Overall Description

Bruder Household Mini Excavator constructed out of fade-resistant. It is made in Germany, they used high-quality ABS plastic with no glue. So you can be sure about its durability.

The kids will like this versatile construction vehicle. This mini excavator toy has stabilizer legs. That can slide back and forth, swivel, and extend to dig in the sand or dirt.

Realistic details and functions add some extra features to this excavator. Not only your kids but also you like its functions. So If you are looking for realistic mini excavator tracks then I think this is a great product for you.

  • Scale: 1:16
  • Fully functional front loader
  • The backhoe moves up and down
  • The seat rotates 360 degrees
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 6.3 x 7.3 inch


4. DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator Toy Truck

Excavator Toy Truck

  • Overall Description

You will get real experience with this excavator toy. It helps kids develop imagination, creativity and inspires their interests in associated professions. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor playing.

The kindergartens, nursery schools baby can have the best experience with the best excavator toy. It has 17 channel function with 3 motors. The arm and shovel can move easily. The arms can rotate 360. This toy excavator can buy to gift on birthday or Christmas.

You can charge this excavator with a USB cable. You will need a mini HDMI adapter to charge your excavator. After one charge you can use these mini excavator tracks for 40 minutes. It has two powerful rechargeable batteries.

Mini Excavator Toy Truck

The kids can get knowledge about real construction vehicles. My personal opinion is this toy is the best mini excavator toy as a gift for your kids.

  • 17 channel full function
  • Metal Shovel
  • 2.4G radio control
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • USB charging port available
  • 100 feet range


5. Bruder Schaeff Household Mini Excavator Toy

Bruder Schaeff Household Mini Excavator

  • Overall Description

Bruder Schaeff Mini Excavator is great for indoor and outdoor play. Also, the kids can make the perfect sandbox and snow toy.

The quality of this electric mini excavator is awesome. They used German technique and engineering to create this mini excavator.

This excavator has great power in digging. You can have the best experience with digging. You can fit a Bruder figure (or similar) in the cab if you have one. The cab can rotate 360°.

In my personal opinion, this is a very good quality and durable toy. You can gift this toy to your kids on their birthday or Christmas. They are going to like this gift.

  • Ultra Realistic
  • European Quality
  • German technique
  • Very Durable
  • 3AA Batteries
  • The cab can rotate 360°


6. Fiscal Household Mini Excavator

Fiscal Household Mini Excavator

  • Overall Description

This household mini excavator is able to go forward, backward, right, and left. The workbench can rotate 680°. You can dig with this excavator very well.

You will get a 2.4Ghz remote with it. The remote has a high frequency (10-100 meters). This electric mini excavator allows you to play the construction game with several players at the same time.

The shovel can lift up and down. Every joint of this mini excavator can work separately including the bucket. The powerful shovel arm can upwarp the whole vehicle.

Fiscal Mini Excavator Toy

It has a powerful USB charging port. You can charge your rechargeable battery with this USB cable. After a full charge, you can play for 15-20 minutes.

If you want a durable excavator, then this is a great product for your kids. You can gift this to your kids on their birthday or Christmas.

  • 2.4Ghz high frequency remote
  • 100-meter control range
  • Support several players at the same time
  • Environment friendly
  • USB charging system
  • 680° rotation
  • 3 Separate arms
  • 15 Channel full function


7. VOLVO RC Household Mini Excavator Metal Shovel

VOLVO RC Household Mini Excavator

  • Overall Description

The quality of this excavator is awesome and approved by VOLVO. This heavy-duty excavator toy looks so realistic. The build quality is 1:16 scale and its powerful motors.

This 17 channel full functions excavator can dig in any direction. The 3 motors can work separately on their digging arms. The shovel is made of steel and works fine.

This excavator has 2 rechargeable batteries 4.8V and 800mAh. If you charge it fully you can play with it for more than 30 minutes. So you don’t need to recharge regularly.

heavy-duty excavator toy

The construction toy excavator comes with a 100 feet control remote. You can join with others with this great remote to multiplayer game. You can have fun car play together without interference.

This mini excavator comes with an exquisite package box which is the best choice for a Birthday or Christmas gift.

  • 17 Channel full function
  • Steel shovel
  • 3 Powerful motors
  • 100 Feet control distance
  • USB charger


8. Top Race Remote Control Excavator Toy

Top Race Remote Control Excavator Toy

  • Overall Description

This professional mini excavator is not only a toy but also a hobby-grade excavator. The engine of this excavator is very powerful. The motor power is 180lbs and the digging power is 1.1lbs. You can carry a man on it.

This best mini excavator comes equipped with a super powerful 2000Mah battery for superb performance. The battery will give you a nice more than 50 minutes of playtime on a charge of about 3 hours.

This awesome excavator can dig like a real one. Also has a headlight and smoke for realistic performance.

professional mini excavator

This constriction toy truck comes with a 100 feet control distance remote. You can join with others with this great remote to multiplayer car game.

  • 23 Channel Excavator
  • Powerful engine
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Rechargeable battery- USB charging port


9. Bruder Toys – Construction Household Mini Excavator

Household Mini Excavator

  • Overall Description

This household mini excavator is strong enough to do ten man’s work. You will get a driver toy included. This household mini excavator is smooth and spinning.

The excavator can rotate like a real excavator smooth and easy. Small enough to fit anywhere in the room and strong enough for household works. The JCB excavator 8010 CTS is a remarkable machine. You can have a better experience with this machine.

This mini excavator toy is suitable from 4 years upwards for playing indoor and outdoor. You can gift this to your child on their birthday or Christmas.

  • Small and Effective
  • Include construction equipment
  • Driver toy included
  • Smooth and spinning
  • ABS plastics manufactured


10. Volvo RC Household Mini Excavator Toy

Volvo RC Household Mini Excavator Toy

  • Overall Description

Volvo excavator is the most realistic replica of an excavator mini toy. Some professional technicians worked to develop the style of this mini excavator toy.

Build with very powerful motors and rubber truck tires. It has a large size shovel; can help you dig easily. I am sure that the kids will have a really fun experience.

The best part of this mini excavator toy is you will get a metal shovel, metal jackhammer, and grab jaw. On its arm, 3 separate powerful motors add extra digging power. The cab can turn 660° rotations.

The Best Mini Excavator

The construction mini excavator toy has a powerful 2.4ghz transmitter. The transmitter enables you to operate at a distance of at least 100 feet or more.

  • 3 in 1 RC excavator
  • 3 separate motors in the arm
  • Looks realistic
  • 100 feet control distance
  • Big metal shovel

Final Verdict

A household mini excavator is a great tool of all time. You can do so many works with an excavator. Your child also has fun with realistic excavator toys. The best part is some of the excavators have the power to do household work. And kids can play a multiplayer game.

With an excavator, your kids can have contraction ideas and fun too! If you like to give your child a gift why not the household mini excavator toy?


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