20 Best Mini Arcade Machines Of 2023 – For Basic Fun at Home

Introduction of Mini Arcade Machine

Playing a game is the best entertainment nowadays. We all do like to play the game. The mini arcade machine brings back some of my old memories. 10 years earlier there are only a few basic fun mini arcade games. But now there are so many arcade machines are available out there.

What is the best mini arcade game from them? This is so much difficult to find out the best mini arcade machine. That’s why I am here to help you to find out the arcade classic mini right here right now. You can spend your lonely time with your arcade machine. The arcade mini will help you to carry them anywhere.

I know you are looking for an arcade machine. Everyone uses the gaming machine while heading home and is lonely. So you can have the best reviews about mini arcade machines. Get your gaming console and have fun!

You can play the game by using an arcade retro machine while traveling or during your lonely time. The best benefit of the arcade mini is this won’t cost you much money but this will give you a great level of entertainment. So, let’s check out the top 20 mini arcade machines below.

mini arcade machine


#1. Basic Fun Arcade Classics – Pac-Man Color LCD Retro Mini Arcade Game

Mini Arcade Machine

These Pac-Man basic fun arcade classics have color LED miniature versions that the kids will love very much. This is the most popular arcade game of all time as well. It comes with a joystick that will help the kids to navigate the Pac-Man around the maze.

There are two playing modes for this retro mini arcade. You have to eat all the dots to move to the next level.

It has included 3AA batteries so, don’t need to worry at all about charging. This Pac-Man makes an electronic sound while playing the game. But this does not make any noise. This is nicely put together and yeah, it looks great. If you are looking for a mini arcade machine then this is it.


#2. Tiny Arcade Galaga Miniature Arcade Game, Multicolor – 381

This Tiny Arcade is the smallest arcade machine I have ever seen. Its display is only 1.5 inches. Overall cabinet size is height: 3.75, weight: 1.75 x 1.75. The tiny arcade does not require any coins. You don’t need to change anything about this machine. It comes with a joystick and two-button that will very fast and smooth. You will have a better experience by playing this arcade game.

  • Display: 1.5 inches
  • Complete gameplay include the full color
  • One joystick
  • Two control buttons


#3. My Arcade Micro Player Mini Arcade Machine

arcade retro machine

My arcade machine has an authentic look and the resolution is high quality. The full display (2.75 inches) is colorful and looks like a retro mini arcade. It comes with a joystick and this is removable.

You can play a directional pad instead if you like that. This mini arcade machine has an external speaker and volume control as well. If you don’t like the speaker then you can use its 3.5mm headphone jack.

It has no batteries included but you can power this arcade machine with a micro USB cable. You don’t have any batteries changing pain. It will not cost you any extra money. So, this is a great feature of this product.

It has some awesome features; you are going to love them.

  • One joystick
  • Power with a USB cable
  • External speaker
  • Headphone jack
  • 4 AA batteries


#4. NEOGEO Mini Arcade Machine

mini arcade games

NEOGEO mini arcade game is a wonderful gaming platform including the king of fighter, Fatal Fury, and metal slug. You will have a great experience with its full LED screen. NEOGEO mini includes a joystick controller and also a stereo speaker as well. A stereo speaker is a great feature for any mini arcade machine.

NEOGEO is small enough to fit on the kid’s hands. It comes with a USB power cable so, you don’t need to waste your money on buying the extra batteries. It also has 1 Lithium-ion battery that will help you to play this game anywhere.

One of the great features of this mini tabletop arcade game is an external controller connected with the HDMI cable and one headphone jack. You can connect this game to your TV by using the HDMI cable.

  • 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • HDMI cable
  • Full LED screen
  • Have more than 3 games


#5. My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine X Playable Mini Arcade

arcade classics mini machine

If you are like to play more than one or two games, then My Retro mini Arcade Machine is the best gaming machine for you. Perfect size for travel it will take very small spaces. Its screen is only 2.5 inches and, you will get a better experience with a full-color screen. It comes with an illuminated button and a speaker with volume control.

The retro arcade machine is a portable handheld gaming console. You can enjoy puzzles, racing, sports, and much more game with its LED full-color screen. This product is powered by 3AA batteries but not included.

  • Compact size
  • 3AA batteries
  • 300 retro games built-in
  • More than 3 games include


#6. Golden Security Mini Arcade Game Machine

basic fun mini arcade machine

Golden Security Mini Arcade Game Machine have more than 150 games included or built-in. you will have a great gaming experience with balls, chess, racing, actions, sports, and much more. The main part of this mini arcade game is you won’t get bored anymore by playing just one game. It included a battery that is rechargeable you just need to plugin and you will not get out of batteries.

The portable gaming console has an eye-protective screen and a pocket-size body. You can carry this mini arcade machine anywhere. You can also connect this gaming console to your TV and can play with multiplayer. You will get a USB cable for charging your batteries as I mentioned before.

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • USB cable
  • More than 150 games
  • Full color LED display


#7. Thumbs Up UK Mini Arcade Machine

mini arcade game

Thumbs Up is a miniature arcade game screen rear light that will suit both a bright and low-light environment. It has included more than 240 arcade games. That means you can have more than 240 games experience. This mini tabletop arcade machine measures 3.46 by 3.54 by 5.91 inches. It requires 3AA batteries that you have to buy.


#8. Hasbro Gaming Stranger Things Palace Arcade Handheld

mini arcade machines


Hasbro Gaming mini arcade machine is 20 awesome games built-in nostalgic games from the 1980S. So, you can play with more characters like mike, Lucas, Dustin, mad max, and much more by using this portable arcade mini. It comes with 3AAA batteries included you don’t have to buy the batteries extra.

Its battery cell type is Alkaline. Hasbro gaming arcade weight is only 12 ounces so, it won’t so heavy to carry anywhere. Also, have volume controller buttons.


#9. Tiny Arcade Pole Position

mini tabletop arcade

The tiny arcade gaming console is one of the most influential video games of all time. The future game is back with its miniature size. They have modified or upgraded some graphics. The complete gameplay includes a high-resolution screen, full color, and authentic game sounds.

You can control this gaming console with its awesome joystick and two control buttons. It includes 3AAA batteries that don’t need to buy.

  • 3 AA batteries included
  • Awesome graphics
  • Two control buttons
  • High-resolution screen


#10. Arcade Classics – Centipede Retro Handheld Arcade Game

mini arcade classics

Arcade classics mini is only for age 8+ kids. Its joystick control and game sound make this mini arcade machine unique. The awesome graphic and brighter screen is the best features of this product. The brighter screen helps you to enhance gameplay.

It comes with 3AA batteries included. Arcade classics mini has authentic 80’s graphics, sound, and gameplay as I mentioned before. Arcade classic looks so cool and seems like the original.

The size of this product is pretty perfect. I recommended it to anyone who is looking for a cheap arcade mini fan, or handheld gaming experience.

  • Looks good
  • Brighter screen
  • 3AA batteries included
  • Awesome joystick control


#11. Arcade Classics – Q’Bert Retro Mini Arcade Game

mini arcade cabinet plans

If you are looking for 80’s graphics arcade mini-games then this is the best arcade mini classic gaming console. It has an awesome sound system. As I mentioned before its 80’s graphics and sound make this game as exciting as the original gameplay. The brighter screen helps you to enhance gameplay.

For immediate gameplay, it has included 3AA batteries. So, you don’t need to worry about immediate gameplay. The size of this mini arcade machine is perfect you can carry this machine anywhere you want.

  • 80's graphics and sound
  • 3AA batteries
  • Brighter screen for enhancing gameplay


#12. My Arcade Bad Dudes Micro Player

arcade mini gaming console

My arcade is first introduced in 1987. This product is for the basic fun mini arcade. Its artwork is pretty cool inspired by the original heavy barrel arcade cabinet. My arcade’s screen is 2.75 inches and full color. It comes with an awesome removable joystick.

You can control the volume by its volume controller. Also, have a 3.5mm headphone jack for having a better gaming experience. The multi-directional scrolling game becomes the most favorite game nowadays. This product is very much easy to use for the kids and very durable as well.

  • Easy to use
  • Very durable
  • 2.75-inch full-color screen
  • 3.5mm headphone jack


#13. Dream GEAR My Arcade Karate Champ Micro Player

Dream GEAR mini arcade machine has great artwork inspired by the original karate champ arcade cabinet. The screen size is 2.75 and full color. You can control this game by using its joystick that is removable. If you are looking for your game room, office, or display case then this is the perfect mini arcade game for you.

There are two buttons to control the volume and a 3.5mm headphone jack for having the best experience. It has 4AA batteries included. You can have fun anywhere with its battery power.

  • Full-color screen
  • 4AA battery included
  • Awesome artwork
  • 3.5mm headphone jack


#14. Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Classic Arcade Machine

mini arcade machine

If you are looking for so many games in a single mini arcade machine then this is the perfect gaming console for you. This game console has 412 amazing classic games. You will have experience in all the 412 games. You can easily set this game console as your mini tabletop arcade or bar top.

Doc and pies arcade factories are well-built and very durable and long last. Full-screen buttons and an awesome joystick make this console unique.


#15. My Arcade Data East Classics Mini Player

mini arcade machine for sale

My Arcade retro machine will give you an authentic gaming experience with its 4.25-inch full-color full screen. This product has great sound quality with an external speaker and you can control its volume by the buttons. It comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack you can use this for a better gaming experience.

If you prefer to play with a directional pad then you can just remove the joystick. You can play with the joystick as well. You will have more than 100 gaming experiences like bad dudes VS dragon ninja, dark seal, super burger time, and much more.

  • Removable joystick
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • External speaker
  • Directional pad


#16. Arcade Classics Frogger Mini-Game

arcade retro machine

Arcade Classics Frogger Mini-Game is a good gaming console. It has an awesome white control button. And also has a nice portable joystick. You can control the game with the button and the joystick. Its compact design makes this arcade machine unique. The full screen is LED and colorful.

Though the screen is small, the performance is very good. If you are looking for the best performing game console then this mini arcade machine is the best choice for you.


#17. Atari Mini Arcade machine

mini arcade games

The best part of this Atari mini arcade machine is 5 officially licensed games included adventure, sprint master, warlords, and Yar’s Revenge. You can have a good experience with its 2.8-inch full-color display. The external speaker gives you the real arcade sound.

You can connect your headphone to the 3.5mm headphone jack. The removable joystick is a great feature as well.

  • 5 officially licensed games included
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Removable joystick
  • Real arcade sound


#18. Arcade1Up Galaga – Classic 2-In-1 Game Home Arcade

arcade classics mini

Arcade1UP has a classic upright cabinet design. You will get 2 games in 1. The artwork is awesome which resembles a real arcade. The best thing is it upgraded 17-inch color LED screen.

One of the best features of this mini arcade machine you can select the game menu on its screen. Also, have two volume control buttons you can adjust the volume.

This is a coinless operation so you don’t need any coins. Arcade1Up will bring back some of your old-school memory I think. So, I think this is the perfect way to enjoy the home with an arcade mini.


#19. RUIER Mini Arcade Game Machines for Kids

basic fun mini arcade

The overplaying game can hurt your eyes. RUIER mini arcade machine has an eye-protective version that won’t hurt your eyes anymore. The rear light gives you perfect brightness in any environment.

Up to 200 games are included in this machine-like sports, puzzle, table, adventure, action, education, and much more. This design is portable and you can carry this anywhere. The controller and joystick make this game fun and easy.

  • 200 built-in games
  • Rear light
  • Eye protective version
  • Design is portable


#20. GBD Kids Mini Retro Arcade Game Consoles Machine

mini tabletop arcade games

2.5-inch GBD mini retro arcade machine is a handheld unit, novel design, and nice looking. Up to 200 games are included in this machine-like sports game, puzzle, arcade, shooting, and much more. The quality of the picture of this machine is awesome. The video game runs very smoothly not to worry at all.

This mini arcade machine has an inspiring sound effect with its own speaker. The 3AA battery gives you support for up to 3- hours of playing.




The best mini arcade machine can give you the best experience of arcade games. If you are heading home and want to have some fun then you can easily pass your lonely time with an arcade retro machine. That’s why I have here discussed the top 20 mini arcade games.

You have to research in the local market to find out the best product for you. Now you know what the perfect mini arcade is for you to buy. So, I think this article helped you so much.

If you are still having any problem with selecting the mini arcade machine then our comment section is open you can ask us anything. Our expert team helps you further.



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