Best Portable Mini Window Air Conditioner and Installation Guide of 2021

Introduction of Mini Window Air Conditioner

Important for your health to stay cool on the summer day. For perfect room temperature, you need an air conditioner. But if your room is small then you need a portable or mini window air conditioner.

But I know finding the best compact window air conditioner is very hard. Now a day so many companies out there are making tiny window air conditioners. So you don’t know what company is good for you.

If you asking this question, you are in the right place. Here I am going to help you to find the best window air conditioner.

Best Portable Mini Window Air Conditioner

I have researched for almost 24 hours to help people to find the best product.

Let’s check out the product and its pros, cons, and other important factors.


How does the Window Air Conditioner Works?

Air condition removes the warm air from your room by pumping the warm air outside. And while releasing the cool air into your room the air conditioner reduces the temperature of the air. Most of all it absorbs heat and releases cool air.

You maybe know how the refrigerator works. It absorbed heat in the room and releases cool air. The air conditioner works as same as the refrigerator.

How does the Window Air Conditioner Works

Step by step process of how portable mini window air conditioner works.

  • First of all, the warm/hot air drawn into a system
  • The warm air flows over a pipe inside and makes it cool
  • The warm air pumped outside with a pipe
  • Inside the air conditioner, it absorbs heat and reduces the temperature.
  • And then the cold air enters the room and mixes the cold air with the warm air inside the room. It reduces the total temperature of the room.
  • It also reduces humidity in that room.
  • This is how the air conditioner works


Window Air Conditioner Installation Guide

Before buying a portable air conditioner you need to know how to install it. You will get an installation guide with the mini air condition unit. First, you should read out all of the guides.

Not every window is suited for an air conditioner. Before you start select a window that is close enough to an outlet.

You will get power cords with your air conditioner unit. The power cords are usually 5 or 6 feet long. You should choose an outlet that can reach the cords.

Full installation guide of small air condition

  • Prepare your window

Window Air Conditioner Installation Guide

First, you should open your window. A weather strip needs to install in your window. The weatherstrip will give with your air condition units. If not, you need to buy a weatherstrip.

The strip will block the extra air that may pass through tiny cracks. You should protect your window while installing the mini window AC unit.

  • Attach the side panels in the window air conditioner

Attach the side panels in the Small window air conditioner

Check the box you will get a side panel with the small air conditioner you brought. Attach the side panel into the appropriate place on the mini AC unit.

You need to connect the screws. Please avoid any gaps while connecting the screws. If there are any gaps the warm air passes into the room.

  • Place your window AC unit in the window

Place your portable window AC unit in the window

Pro Tips: Please use 2 people while place the compact window air conditioner unit in your window. It is risk-free and the most safer way.

Put the window air conditioner in the center of the window. Now you have to close your window on top of the mini air conditioner unit.

Be careful when you lifting the window air conditioner. Most of the AC weight will be outside. If you don’t be careful it can fall down.

  • Brackets Installation of window air conditioner

You will get an L shape bracket with your compact window air conditioner unit. All the hard task is over. Now you are just about to finish your window air conditioner installation.

Brackets Installation of tiny window air conditioner

Screw up the L shape brackets at top of the window. Your mini window air conditioner saves you from being pushed up.

  • Side Panel Attachment

Compact window air conditioner installation guide

If you got padding in your window sides after place the portable window air conditioner. Then you need to buy the side panel for your window. If you don’t get any padding, then it’s fine.

I’m going to discuss if you got padding

The panel is also called a portable window AC kit. So this AC kit may not be provided with the window air conditioner you brought. If not, you have to buy the AC kit on your own. Then you have to attach both side panels to your window. Please remember to use screws to attach them. The screws will save from being pushed up.

You are done installing the portable mini window air conditioner. Plugin the AC power and turn on the AC. You can feel the cooling air is serving in your room.


1. Frigidaire Portable Mini Window Air Conditioner

Frigidaire Best Portable Mini Window Air Conditioner

  • Overall Description

This full-function remote control window air conditioner can cool rooms up to 150 Sq. ft. So, you can stay comfortable with this compact window air conditioner.

The filter is like mesh and washable. You can check the filter by tilt-out filter access and check the filter alert. As you know this is a remote control air conditioner. So, you can select an option to touch a button.

This compact window air conditioner has enough power to cool your room on hot days. As this is a small window air conditioner it conserves energy and saves your money.

With its powerful remote you can control temperature and its mini fan speed from across the room.

Compact Window Air Conditioner

One of the best features of this window air conditioner is it has-way air direction. You can direct the air where you want the air. I think this is a great advantage.

This portable window AC takes 56-58 watts when only the fan is running. And when the compressor is running it takes 290-350 depends on inside and outside temperature.

  • 150 Sq. ft cooling power
  • Washable mesh filters
  • Full function remote control
  • You can control the temperature from across the room
  • Save energy/energy efficiency
  • Low noise level

thumbs up regular


  • Easy to install
  • Price is reachable
  • Remote control
  • Effortless temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with mounting hardware

thumbs down regular


  • Looks older model
  • Only for a small bedroom

Customer Reviews and Rating on Amazon

Amazon customers rated this product 289 times. The average rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars. 70% of users rated this mini window air conditioner is 5 stars. Only 7% of users rated this product 1 star.

So, you can understand this compact window air conditioner service is so good and have a great rating on Amazon. The review is also very good.

Check some reviews from

Frigidaire Portable Mini Window Air Conditioner Rating and Reviews

Frigidaire Portable Mini Window Air Conditioner Rating and Reviews


2. GE Energy Star Window Air Conditioner for Large Rooms

GE Energy Star Mini Window Air Conditioner for Large Rooms

If you have a large room like 350-550 square feet, then this air conditioner can cool your room.

There is an app SmartHQ for this portable window air conditioner. You can control your smart air conditioner from anywhere. This app also allows you to monitor your air conditioner from anywhere.

It has 3-speed fans and 3 different cooling compressors. You will get maximum comfort cool. And the good part is you can install this air conditioner easily.

Portable Mini Window Air Conditioner

The best part of this mini window air conditioner is it has an energy-saving mode. When your room is cool enough, the energy-saving mode automatically turns off the compressor and fan. This will save energy and money.

  • Integration with the SmartHQ app
  • Clean filter reminder
  • Energy-star certified
  • Delivers 12,000 BTU cooling capacity
  • Have 3 fans and 3 compressor

thumbs up regular


  • Can cool a large room up to 550 square feet
  • Maximum comfort cool
  • Easy to install
  • Power saving mode
  • Nice looking quiet and powerful AC unit
  • Remote control

thumbs down regular


  • Need time to install
  • In case you return it will cost you a shipping cost

Customer Reviews and Ratings on Amazon

Amazon customers rated this product 963 times. The average rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars. 67% of users rated this mini window air conditioner as 5 stars. Only 7% of users rated this product 1 star.

GE Energy Star Window Air Conditioner Reviews

GE Energy Star Window Air Conditioner Reviews


My Personal Opinion for Mini Window Air Conditioner

I know that the window air conditioner is hard to install. That’s why I have come with the mini window air conditioner with a full installation guide.

Using a portable air conditioner is a great idea. If you want to be cool in summer, then those air conditioners are great.

If your room is up to 150 Sq.ft you should buy the first one Frigidaire Portable Mini Window Air for a small room. And if you have a big room like 350 Sq.ft then I recommended the second one

This is up to you what is a great fit for your room.


What makes those portable mini air conditioners special?

You may be asking why those air conditioners?

Actually, there are so many companies making mini air conditioners out there. But you know money is a great factor when you are willing to buy anything online. If you want to buy any of those air conditioners, then I think your money won’t waste.

Those companies are offering the best window air conditioner at a low price. The small air conditioner price should not more than $300.

Those are the new window air conditioner from those companies. So, my personal opinion is those air conditioner is a great fit for your room.

Is it worth it?

Now the biggest question you may ask is it worth it?

I think yes, I have researched almost 24 hours and saw so many tiny air conditioners from different companies. Some were low price but the quality was not good. And some were quality good but the price was unreachable.

I have come with those 2 best window air conditioners and they are worth it.


Video Installation Guide of Mini Window Air Conditioner


Final Verdict

As I mentioned before that I research almost 24 hours. I know it’s hard to find the best portable mini window air conditioner.

If you really want to buy a window air conditioner, then you can buy one of them. Now it is up to you and your room size what is a great fit for you.

So, go ahead and buy one of them from Amazon. You will also see the reviews of the products on Amazon.



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